Company Contact details

Éalú Experiences, 2 Merrion Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4, D04 F2R2

Tel: 01 524 0504

Business Registration number: 598052, VAT Registration number: 3455545NH

1. Greeting Cards & personal cards:

1.1 Ealu Experiences supply greeting cards in the box with a personal message.  If booking online, enter your personal message in the message box when checking out or on the group booking form supplied by our sales team if yours is a corporate booking.

1.2 For bulk bookings only, The Company can also arrange to include personal cards/compliment slips in Boxes.  The Company cannot accept responsibility for the late/delayed delivery of Boxes, where such personal cards are received later than seven (7) working days prior to the scheduled box dispatch date.

2. Payments & Pricing

2.1 All the prices shown in the Brochure/Website are valid from the time of going to press, October 2020, while stocks last.

2.2 Prices quoted in the Brochure/Website show both the exclusive and inclusive VAT prices.

2.3 Prices quoted in the brochure/Website are exclusive of delivery charges. Single orders within Ireland are charged at €7.75 per item. Separate quotations will apply for all other delivery volumes, types and locations.

2.4 Irish VAT is not applicable on orders being sent to Non-EU countries where the Invoicing address is also a Non-EU country. However if the Invoicing address is within the EU, VAT is applicable and will be charged accordingly on the invoice.

3. Payments

3.1 A deposit of 50% of the gross order value must be paid at placement of the order with the balance of payment required 7 days prior to dispatch from The Company’s warehouse.

3.2 The Company can accept the following payment methods: Visa, Mastercard (debit and credit), Cheque or Bankers drafts, which are to be made payable to “Ealu Experiences”.

3.3 The company will suitably compensate clients for any items that are subsequently confirmed as being undelivered.

4. Rights of ownership

4.1 All goods remain the property of The Company until all goods, services and all outstanding debts to the company have been paid in full.

5. Requested Delivery Dates:

5.1 Deliveries for specific days or times cannot be guaranteed.

Unless a later delivery date is requested, orders will be dispatched within 3-4 days after an order has been successfully placed and payment confirmed.

Due to the unprecedented volume of online deliveries, the Company advises that the client should allow a 3 Day window for deliveries after despatch, within Ireland including Northern Ireland and up to 5 days after despatch for deliveries outside of Ireland within Europe & the EU countries.

 7. Single Deliveries:

7.1 Delivery to an individual address is charged at €7.75 (including VAT) per box within the Republic of Ireland.

8. Bulk Deliveries:

8.1 Delivery costs of Multiple Boxes (more than 7) to one nominated location will be quoted during ordering.

8.2 Deliveries to a single address for several items will be dispatched at the same time. However due to circumstances outside of our control, in the December period these items may unfortunately arrive at different times.

9. International Deliveries

9.1 Delivery Outside of Ireland will require a separate quote for all such orders. The Customer Service team can provide this information, contact 01 524 0504.

9.2 For items being exported, the delivery charge covers the packaging and delivery only. Customs duties may be payable by an overseas recipient and we regret we are unable to advise of these amounts. We can in some cases direct you to specific courier companies and their Web sites which may contain further details on this subject.

9.3 The Company cannot guarantee delivery dates for Export orders.

10. Customs Clearance

10.1 Ealu Experiences cannot be held responsible should local customs authorities wish to confiscate any particular item, delay shipment or charge import duty on any Box.

11. Order Cancellation & Refunds Policy

11.1 Cancellation of orders is allowed, however

a)       some product in some of the boxes are specially produced by 3rd parties which only go into production once an order has been made. The Company reserves the right to withhold any costs already incurred in the production of these items prior to cancellation.

b)      if the box has already left our warehouse, there is a 25% handling charge, based on the value of the box purchased. Refunds are issued when the box is logged as being returned to our warehouse.

These terms do not affect your statutory rights.

Failure to deliver

11.2 In the event of the courier being unable to deliver the package due to the premises being temporarily unoccupied, the courier will leave a card for the recipient to arrange a suitable delivery time.

Incorrect recipient address details

11.3 Returns: Any additional charges incurred in the completion of a delivery or the returning of goods, due to incomplete recipient information from the client, will be liable for all related charges and costs. This applies to national and international deliveries.

11. 4 Re-Delivery: Any additional charges/costs incurred in the completion of a delivery (Re-sending) of goods, due to incomplete original recipient information from the client, or the recipients being unable to collect the item in the time frame specified period from will be liable for all related charges and costs. This applies to national and international deliveries.

Note, as some items are perishable it may not be possible to re-ship the box and a new box will need to be paid for in full.

12. Delivery Tracking

12.1 Proof of delivery cannot be provided for all deliveries. However there are facilities for the selective tracking of items that have not reached their destination within a reasonable period of time, after the actual dispatch date. Tracking numbers and where applicable proof of delivery can be provided by The Company.

12.2 The lack of the proof of delivery or tracking records at the time of invoicing is not an accepted reason for withholding payments. The company will suitably compensate clients for any items that are subsequently confirmed as being undelivered.

13. Substitution

13.1 All items are subject to availability. If due to unforeseen circumstances it is necessary to substitute an item, the replacement item shall be of equal or greater value than that which it replaces.

13.2 The Company reserves the right to substitute items, without specific notice being provided.

13.3 Products shown in imagery may not always be included in the box, however the listed product text will give a description of the items supplied.

14. Props

14.1 Photographs in the Brochure and on the Website are accompanied by an itemised list describing the contents of each Box. Please note that for photographic purposes some props have been used and these are not included in the particular Box.

15. Copyright

15.1 The Company reserves the copyright to all images and text contained within the Brochure and the Website, with the exception of any quotations.

16. Sale of Alcohol

16.1  The purchaser and recipient of gifts including Alcoholic Beverages can only be made by/to persons aged 18 or over.

17. Chilled Hamper/Gift Box products

17.1 Please note that Box or Gift boxes containing chilled goods are labelled as such. Please open and refrigerate the chilled products as soon as possible after delivery.

Acceptance of Terms & Conditions

18. Usage & Acceptance

19.1 Use of the Companies Brochure/Website and related ordering facilities constitutes acceptance of all the terms and conditions including agreement to follow and be bound by these terms and conditions. These terms and conditions may be amended at any time by the company and usage of the Brochure/Website and related ordering facilities subsequent to these amendments constitutes agreement to be bound by these amended terms and conditions.

 19. The Company

19.1 “Ealu Experiences” is the registered Business and trading name of Marley Events Ltd, a privately owned, limited company. Both of which are included in the references “The Company” in these Terms and Conditions of Sale.

20. Interpretation

20.1 These terms & conditions and their interpretation shall be in accordance with the laws of Ireland and the parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Irish courts in resolution of any issues.

21. Limitations to Liability & Damages

21.1 The Company takes all reasonable care in the preparation and packaging of fragile and delicate items contained in the boxes. However, in the unfortunate event, that such delicate items are damaged in transit, The Company shall be responsible for the replacement costs of the item only. The Company reserves the right to furnish such replacement or equivalent items as they are readily available, and with due consideration where possible, to the client’s particular delivery needs.

21.2 The Company shall not in any way be responsible for any personal injury, consequential loss or damages to property howsoever caused.

22. Data Usage policy

22.1 Unless indicated otherwise your use of the Brochure/Website and related ordering facilities constitutes your agreement with the Company to reply to you by electronic mail or other communication methods for such purposes as the company may consider appropriate.

22.2 With a view to understanding our customers better, The Company may ask permission to retain the information you provide to us about yourself, including details of any purchases you may have made, to offer products and services that are likely to interest you.

22.3 With prior permission, we may carry out market research by letter, telephone, email or other reasonable means of communication.

22.4 You may remove your permission to retain information pertaining to your order at any time by contacting The Company at the address details below.

22.5 In line with GDPR compliancy requirements, The Company deletes from all records all third party recipient’s address details once receipt of goods has been satisfactorily completed.

23. Withholding Goods & Services

23.1 The Company, reserves the right to refuse to supply any individual or organisation/company and also reserves the right to deny access to the Brochure/Website facility.

24. Acts of God

24.1 The Company, are not liable for increased shipping costs, losses or delays of items due to Acts of God.

25. Union Actions/disputes

25.1 The Company is not liable for increased shipping costs, losses or delays of items due to third party Union actions where The Company are not directly involved in the related negotiations for the dispute.